Some photos from 39th. Festival of Textile Crafts, held in church from 18-21st. June 2019

Enclosed are a few photos taken on the last day of this 2019 festival. In particular, the featured work by Terence Edmonds proved interesting and a little bit different! His is a very colourful way of making use of discarded everyday objects and beautifying them by using the art of needle weaving to add colour and texture.
These few photos (apologies to all the exhibitors whose work doesn’t appear here..all very worthy of showing but unfortunately a limited space here), show yet again how the textile arts continue to have a universal appeal. The festival this year has been a resounding success and it continues to develop its reputation as a worthy illustration of the varied interests and artistry within the locality. Thank you to all guest exhibitors and once again, thanks on behalf of Gresford All Saints’ for the fantastic work on display and the effort put in by all the helpers.